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How quick is shipping?

Shipment times are between 5-7 business days (but deliveries usually take less time; depends on your location). This does not include processing time

How long does processing take?

Processing times typically take between 7-10 business days, but may take longer depending on circumstances. If you have not received a shipping notification after 14 business days, feel free to reach out via email (  

What is the return policy?

In the event of any broken or damaged goods within the first week of receiving  your order, you may notify BodyGlam via email ( for a refund or replacement. Refunding will ONLY take place if goods are broken or damaged, and BodyGlam has been notified within the first week period. In order for refunds to be processed, you must show photo proof of breakage or damages. Beyond broken or damaged goods, there are NO refunds. Check our policies page for more information about exchanges.

How do I know my waistbead size?

Proper measurement technique: Take your waist measurements by using measuring tape and wrapping it around your waist so that it’s set where you would like your beads to lay. If you do not have measuring tape, use a piece of string and wrap it around your waist where you would like your beads to lay. Take the proper string length, and use a ruler to determine the length. Do’s and Donts: Do NOT send guessed measurements. Make sure to take measurements that are as close to the desired length as possible. If you yourself are having issues taking the most comfortable measurements, ask for assistance from our BodyGlam team or ask a friend to help you take your measurements. Do NOT suck in stomach when taking measurements. In order for your beads to fit most comfortably, refrain from taking measurements while sucking in your stomach; beads may be too small, may not fit all the way around waist, or may be uncomfortable if this is done. DO ask for help if you are unsure about measurements. 

What are the payment options?

Payments can be made on our site only. If you place an order on social media pages through live or story sales, payments can be made through cashapp, venmo or PayPal.

Are custom orders available?

Custom orders are available and can only be made through the website using the custom option in the waist beads and anklet pages on our site.  Order placements must explicitly state order items, styles, measurements and quantity, as well as contact information, and shipping address. Payments MUST be made in order for orders to be processed and shipped. Those interested in custom orders may send a direct message to BodyGlam via instagram/twitter, as well as our email if there are any questions or concerns about custom orders, but custom orders will ONLY be processed if placed through our website. ​Custom orders are limited; if the option to order custom pieces says "out of stock" they are currently unavailable until further notice. 

What is the difference between size to fit and tie on waist beads?

Most of our waist beads are size to fit, meaning that you input your measurements when placing your order, and your waist beads are done to fit your waist. Size to fit waist beads have clasps on them, meaning they're removable. Tie on waist beads come in a set length, and once tied around waist, it cannot come off and has to be cut off. Essentially, size to fit waist beads can be removed while tie ons are for permanent wear.

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